Clear Books uses DueDil to make company reports instantly available to clients

“DueDil allows Clear Books users to integrate information on over 9 million UK companies and gain fantastic insight. As well as giving a detailed overview of the company and key financial information, DueDil allows our users to purchase specific documents about the company.” - Chris Storey, marketing executive

  • Informed decision-making for the Clear Books community
  • Gave 10,000+ customers access to company documents
  • Easy implementation through great API design and support

Founders4Schools uses DueDil to connect schools with inspirational entrepreneurs

“The ability to introduce verified entrepreneurs to teachers as potential school speakers gives us a real edge. Using DueDil's user-friendly API, we can verify that founders are leaders of high-growth UK companies, seamlessly integrating that information into our platform. Great customer support, too!” - Sherry Coutu, founder

  • Verified the credentials of 7,000+ UK entrepreneurs
  • Automated hundreds of hours of manual research
  • Synced company and founder info for use in event listings